Hi, I'm Rachel!


I help wellness seekers heal the root cause of their lingering symptoms & dis-ease to finally experience the healing they deserve

Using iridology to identify the root cause imbalances, I walk clients through gut healing, parasite, pathogens & toxin removal, deep cellular detoxification and mitochondrial regeneration to activate total healing within their body.

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Hi! I’m Rachel, and I know what it's like to be sick.

Exhausted & confused, I struggled with chronic illness for years, leaving me sick & on the verge of hopelessness.

I tried all the things...

- supplements

- strict diets

- intense therapies

- medication

- energy healing

... you name it

And they helped me, but never healed me.

So I went to school to learn how to do just that… heal.

And I DID!

Using my now signature method, I healed myself from a lifetime’s worth of diagnosis’ and have since helped hundreds of clients reverse their dis-ease & walk in total wellness.

Healing is possible for you… Let me teach you how.


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Ways to Work Together Towards Your Healing

Remove & Restore

My 10-week program using my signature method to activate deep healing within your body.

By identifying the root cause of your symptoms, you will be guided through your protocol, weekly modules, & more to activate healing at the cellular level. All without an overwhelming supplement protocol & strict juice fasting.

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Community Forum

Do you have questions about true wellness, removing parasites & what it looks like to actually detoxify your body? Does your healing journey feel lonely & like you’re a black sheep?

I get it, and so does our community! So I built out a community forum where you can ask any questions you may have, engage with like-minded individuals & feel supported as you navigate your healing plan. And you have access for life!

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While I believe our bodies are capable of healing themselves, oftentimes they need a little help due to our modern ways of living. Below you can shop with some of my favorite helpful companies whose products & ethics I 100% support & personally use.


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Press Play on my Podcast Interviews

Learn all about parasites, iridology, gut healing & more!

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Christina interviews me on all things iridology, parasites and detoxification.

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Expanded By with Chelsea

Chelsea and I talk radical responsibility and using brain rewiring for trauma healing.

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The Medicin    Podcast

I share the details and history of iridology and all things parasites & root cause healing.

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